Anode Powder

Anode Powder


Elcora is an innovative vertical integration company that controls non-Chinese sources of graphite and processing at all stages in order to produce our EL-I-C6 advanced natural anode powder.

Proprietary process

Elcora has developed proprietary processes that produce high-quality anode powder for lithium-ion battery anodes. At each stage of production, we have vigorously tested and compared our product to industry leading standards.

HPC testing, performed by innovative partners, demonstrate that Elcora’s graphite is significantly advanced and performs exceptionally well.

The environmentally friendly Elcora graphite, prepared using proprietary process without acids or alkalines, exceeds industry grade standards.

Our operation is currently undergoing expansion to 20,000 tonnes per year as a result of our positive technical results and high market demand.

Anode-Powder-cell data
Anode Powder - Cell Data

Cell Data

  • Graphite Characteristics
    • EL-I-C6 formulated advanced natural graphite anode powder
    • D50 15-20 μm
    • Spherical particles
    • Tap density >1.0 g/cm3
    • BET surface area 3.5 – 7.13 m2/g
    • Carbon (LOI) >99.99%
    • Calendar densities > 1.5 g/cm3
  • Echem
    • Reversible capacity 355-359 mAh/g
    • Irreversible capacity 23.4 mAh/g
    • First cycle efficiency 93.7%.

HPC Cycling

HPC- High Precision Coulomberty (HPC) is an advanced testing technique used to predict the long-term performance of batteries and novel battery materials.   Previously, new battery materials would need to be tested for months, if not years, before their long-term performance could be understood.  HPC shortens the R&D cycle from months to weeks, greatly accelerating the testing and discovery of advanced battery materials.

HPC testing on batteries made from Elcora’s graphite anode powders shows that they are equal to, or better than, the best batteries available today.

  • Standard 2.2 Ah 18650 Cells
  • Coulombic efficiency > 0.998 at 40C
HPC Cycling

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