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Elcora Advanced Materials Corp. has begun a search for an advanced zinc mining project

Elcora Advanced Materials Corp. has begun a search for an advanced zinc mining project

Elcora Advanced Materials Corp. has begun a search for an advanced zinc mining project to enhance both its mining and energy storage solutions, adding additional markets beyond its graphite-based lithium-ion technologies.

Elcora’s combination of mining experience and battery testing capabilities means that it is not limited to graphite, graphene and Li-ion battery applications. In fact, many applications remain where Li-ion is not the ideal energy storage solution. Specifically, problems like thermal runaway and sensitivity to operating temperature have been mitigated but not eliminated in Li-ion cell architectures. Further, the cost and relative rarity of elements like cobalt (used in Li-ion cathodes) may represent constraints on long-term and widespread adoption. Li-ion battery chemistries therefore represent a compromise between power capabilities, energy density, safety, material cost and availability.

In view of this, Elcora is pleased to expand in scope to explore materials and applications where graphite-based Li-ion batteries remain insufficient or unappealing. In particular, zinc-based cell chemistries may hold the promise to resolve persistent problems associated with Li-ion batteries. To this end, Elcora is aggressively pursuing the acquisition of an advanced stage zinc mining project.

Commented Troy Grant, CEO, “The recent addition of our high-grade Tanzania graphite project positions us nicely to deliver graphite products to end users. We have spent the last couple of years researching and developing through the help of Federal grants and strategic relationships, the processing methods and specifics for graphite anode powder and graphene conductivity (ie. our joint venture with Solargise Canada Inc.) ideally suited for energy markets. Our sales team is in discussion with various end users seeking supply agreements. As part of our expanding goal to become a serious player in the energy space, we do not want to ignore the importance of zinc in energy storage. We want to ensure that Elcora is well-positioned to contribute in the development of increasingly relevant energy storage solutions and materials, beyond and in addition to graphite-based Li-ion technologies. ”

Advantages of Zinc Storage Cells:

Zinc-ion anodes are a drop-in replacement to Li-ion anodes with respect to purifying and manufacturing processes (A zinc-ion battery is analogous to a Li-ion battery) The electrochemical performance of zinc is particularly well suited for storing power generated by wind and solar sources (e.g. voltage window of 2V for aqueous zinc-ion vs. 1.2V for Li-ion)

Literature shows rechargeable capacity retention of over 80% after 1,000 cycles

Zinc batteries operate normally in “extreme” temperatures. Costs are saved without need of complex thermal management systems

Zinc batteries have a much lower toxicity than lithium ion batteries, and do not suffer from thermal runaway

Recyclable and ‘refurbish able:’ In zinc batteries, materials are not permanently lost to parasitic chemical processes in Li-ion batteries

For the reasons above, zinc batteries are ideal for microgrid and grid storage; an area where Li-ion struggles to meet performance, safety and longevity demands

“The market price of zinc sits at about US$2,500 a metric ton (London Metals Exchange), versus US$16,000 for lithium (Bloomberg News) and more than US$35,000 for cobalt (London Metals Exchange)”

About Elcora Advanced Materials Corp.

Elcora was founded in 2011 and has been structured to become a vertically integrated energy supply company. Elcora processes, refines, and produces both graphite & graphene. As part of the vertical integration strategy Elcora is securing high-grade graphite and graphene precursor graphite from operations in Sri Lanka, Tanzania and other countries which are already in production. Elcora has developed a cost-effective process to make high-quality graphite, graphite products and graphene that are commercially scalable. This combination means that Elcora has the tools and resources for graphite and graphene vertical integration.