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Elcora Mines for Growth

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Elcora Mines for Growth

July 20, 2016 – Bedford, N.S. – Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)

Today, Darrell Samson, Member of Parliament for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook, was in Bedford touring Elcora Advanced Materials Corporation’s new Graphene Research and Development (R&D) Centre. During his visit, MP Samson announced a $495,750 repayable contribution to the project through ACOA’s Business Development Program (BDP). This support has assisted Elcora with purchasing equipment and completing renovations to its new R&D Centre, which is now up and running at full capacity. Funds are also being allocated to hire staff and conduct marketing activities.

Elcora will use its new R&D Centre to explore further applications of the raw material graphite, which is processed into graphene. Initially, the company is planning for small scale production of up to 100 kg of graphene per year. Current forecasts are to increase output to 10 tons per year within a few years. An integral component of Elcora’s research and marketing will be working with application developers to use graphene in the commercialization of products.

The potential uses for graphene are virtually limitless – from bullet proof vests to water purification. Elcora is dedicated to electricity storage, specifically developing batteries for electric cars. That’s why, on Wednesday, June 22, Elcora hosted the first North America stop of the 80eDays Electric Car Challenge. Eleven international race teams met at the new Graphene R&D Centre to be briefed on the route. This event helped to demonstrate that electric cars are a sustainable, reliable means of transportation.

Elcora’s scientists are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of graphene. They are creating a strong foundation of research to support new opportunities and discoveries that will help make Nova Scotia an international centre of interest for the development of graphene applications.

The Government of Canada and the governments of the four Atlantic Provinces are committed to working together to build a vibrant economic future for Atlantic Canada. Through the Atlantic Growth Strategy, they are focussing efforts and resources to stimulate the region’s economy and address both long standing and emerging regional challenges, and build on Atlantic Canada’s competitive advantages, such as its strong export potential, growing innovation ecosystem, and skilled workforce.


“The Government of Canada is making targeted investments to expand innovative research in Clean Technology. Organizations such as Elcora will help to drive economic growth and build on the strong foundation of scientific research in the region. ”

– The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency 

“Supporting clean technology projects such as this one will help to diversify our region’s economy, open up new markets and create high-quality jobs for Atlantic Canadians. Exploring new applications of revolutionary materials like graphene will help to accelerate clean growth – and it will all be done right here in Bedford, Nova Scotia.”

– Darrell Samson, Member of Parliament for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook

“Graphene is widely believed to be the next wonder substance that will have the ability to change mankind. The race is on to refine processing technology and to discover practical applications for this material. While the challenge is enormous, the rewards to be had by advancing this material commercially are even greater. This lab is at the forefront in that development and could not have happened without the support of these targeted investments by our elected officials.”

– Troy Grant, President, Elcora Advanced Materials Corporation

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Lori Selig
Acting Communications Manager
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
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Guy Bourgeois
Senior Vice President
Elcora Advanced Materials Corporation
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Elcora Advanced Materials Corporation & Graphene:

Incorporated in 2011, Elcora Advanced Materials Corporation mines, processes, and refines graphite and, in turn, produces graphene and commercial graphene applications. Elcora sources its graphite from a high-grade graphite mine in Sri Lanka, which they own an interest in. Graphene is the basic building block of graphite, which is made of stacks of graphene layers. Graphene is made of a single layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a repeating pattern of hexagons. The one atom thick graphene is one million times thinner than paper, so thin that it is considered two-dimensional.

Graphene’s flat honeycomb pattern grants it many unusual characteristics. Graphene is stronger than diamond, about 100 times stronger than the strongest steel with equivalent thickness, with a tensile stiffness of 150,000,000 psi, and is the thinnest and strongest known material. This gives graphene many competing advantages in that it can be used as a textile to make wearable electronics or bulletproof vests. Graphene is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity like silicon; however, unlike silicon, graphene is highly flexible and conducts electricity much more efficiently. Since it is such a versatile material, the applications for graphene are limitless. Some examples of graphene applications are: ocean water purification systems, medical devices such as implants or pacemakers, construction materials, or coatings.

Elcora is publicly held and trades on the TSX venture exchange as V.ERA.

80eDays Electric Car Challenge:

80edays is the second event to showcase the future of electric cars and promote environmental protections. The first event was held in 2012. The goal of the event is to have all eleven international teams drive their electric car around the world passing pre-set presentation points at important cities in 80 days or less. To help offset the greenhouse gases produced from the event, participants plant trees along the route. All 80eDays participants recognize the critical importance of protecting the environment and providing a “greener” future for generations to come.

Elcora showcased its graphene R&D facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where eleven international teams were briefed on the route. This sustainable global race event starts in Barcelona. A distance of 25,000 kilometers will be covered across twenty countries and three continents. 80eDays will demonstrate to the world that electric cars can be a sustainable means of transportation across any country and through all types of terrain and climates. 80eDays will also prove that long distances can be travelled with an electric car in reasonable time frames while enjoying a level of comfort equal to or better than conventional cars.

ACOA’s Business Development Program:

ACOA’s Business Development Program (BDP) helps organizations start up, expand or modernize. Focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, the BDP provides access to capital in the form of interest-free repayable assistance. Most business sectors are eligible except retail/wholesale, real estate, government services, and services of a personal or social nature. The BDP also provides financial assistance, in the form of non-repayable assistance, to not-for-profit organizations that provide support to Atlantic businesses.