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World’s best Graphite & Graphene

At Elcora, we understand the importance of quality control. Both our graphite and graphene products have gone through intensive testing and showed fantastic quality results.



• No Chemical Processing.
• High purity with essentially no silica contamination.
• Excellent graphite source for battery and high-end applications.



• Global Industry Leading Quality.
• 55% graphene content, consistent sizes, averaging 3 layers.
• Made from natural graphite, much higher quality than Graphene Oxide.

Graphite testing

Several firms tested Elcora’s graphite for electrical car battery applications. The results are fantastic! It was concluded that Elcora’s graphite suits the quality requirements to be used for car batteries.

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  • Today’s average graphite mine output is 11.600 TPA. In 2014, the Gigafactory will need one and a half mines worth of graphite. In 2019, it will need over six.
  • As tested by Coulometrics, LLC, Elcora’s graphite is a natural fit for making lithium ion battery anodes. Elcora’s graphite is both cost effective and high in quality. Elcora’s graphite properties reached nearly theoretical values, which requires minimum processing and can substitute expensive synthetic graphite in many high-end applications.
  • Traditionally, China has been the biggest graphite producing and process country. However, the current processes used in China are no longer meeting the exceedingly difficult requirements on quality and environmental impacts from electrical car and battery manufacturers like Tesla and others.
  • Elcora’s processes require little to no chemical treatments on its graphite, with environmentally friendly waste materials that can be recycled, hence result in almost zero environmental impact.



Graphene Uses

Graphene testing

The Centre for Advanced 2D Materials (CA2DM) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) tested Elcora’s graphene. CA2DM has been dedicated to graphene R&D since 2010 and has received over 200 million dollars in funding. It is reported that the director of CA2DM, Dr. Antonio Castro Neto played an important role in informing the Nobel committee regarding whether the Nobel Physics Prize should be awarded to Russians Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of Manchester University in 2010. In recognition of Dr. Castro Neto’s contribution to the graphene industry, Science For Brazil (scienceforbrazil.com) named him the “Graphene Godfather”.CA2DM tested a large number of graphene samples from suppliers worldwide including well-known commercial producers from North America and Europe. It was concluded that Elcora’s graphene is best quality in all areas tested, including the percentage of graphene content, average number of layers, and consistency in size.

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