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About Graphene

Graphene is an exciting material with many outstanding properties that could revolutionize many industries. Currently, research on graphene and graphene applications is in the order of billion dollars a year and growing steadily. However, the R&D work and especially the commercialization of graphene applications have been stalled due to lack of quality graphene that is made in industrial quantities.

The graphene supply chain is relatively in its infancy with small amounts produced for research and development. There is no coordination between elements of the chain to provide the type of graphite that is best suited for graphene pre-cursor at the mining, processing or refining levels. The industrial processes used to make the graphene are also at the development stage. Quality control is minimum and many companies that claim to produce graphene actually produce thin-layered graphite. The lack of genuine graphene has limited the development of graphene applications and the sales of thin-layered graphite as graphene has, in some cases, done considerable damage to the progression of graphene to commercial applications.


Elcora’s Graphene

Elcora had the honor to have its graphene tested by the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials (CA2DM), previously known as the Graphene Research Centre as part of a comprehensive program to analyze graphene produced worldwide in an effort to create a graphene standard. The results were presented at the international conference “Graphene Canada 2015, held in Montreal, October 14-16, 2015. The detailed study will be published in the near future.

Elcora has been structured to become a vertically integrated graphite & graphene company that mines, processes, refines graphite, and produces both the graphene and end graphene applications. Elcora’s graphene production system is suitable for use with many different graphite sources and has produced industry-leading quality graphene.



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Graphene Corp.

As a subsidiary of Elcora Resources, Graphene Corp. is in a unique position to produce graphene due to Elcora’s vertical integration model and control of the best graphite for the purpose, unique technology to process that graphite and the only known technology to produced consistently high-quality graphene inexpensively.

Graphene Corp has a graphene R&D facility located in Canada that is dedicated to graphene production and application developments. This facility is governed by the North American’s laboratory quality standards.