Ragedara Graphite Mine

The Sakura graphite mine (also historically called the Ragedara mine or property) is an historic past producer, which at the height of its activity produced approximately 18,000 tonnes of high quality (92-99%) graphite per year.

In early 2014, Elcora Advanced Material acquired the full operational control and a 40% equity interest in Sakura Graphite (PVT) Limited, who operates the Ragedara mine. Ragedara Mine is approximately a three-hour drive from the capital, Colombo, and is easily accessed. The mine is also 8kms from Kahatagaha which is a high output graphite producer operated by the state.

Since Elcora’s off-take project started in Sri Lanka, we introduced many advanced mining techniques to this operation and brought in the North American operating standards. At present time, the mine is in production and yields about 500 tonnes of graphite per year.

Ragedara project is 2 plots @ 70 acres with a 35 year lease and 1 plot @ 19 acres and is deemed as private land. The project includes an exploration license covering 4 square kilometres and an industrial mining license for unlimited production.

Graphite from the mine is found in high purity aggregates of crystals as shown in Figure 1.

Graphite Mining Process
Mining – Ragedara Graphite Mine
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