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Processing – Ragedara Processing Facility


Elcora is a processing company that focuses on methods of producing graphite products in environmentally sound ways. Our processes require no acids or alkaline systems and result in no environmentally damaging productions, by products or waste. This makes Elcora one of the most environmentally friendly graphite producers.

Besides the low environmental impact, not using acids or alkaline systems could also yield better quality graphite. Acid treatment changes the graphite property resulting in a thermally unstable product. Depending on the treatments, acid exposed graphite can exfoliate, or “pop” at temperatures as low as 200°C resulting in catastrophic form of battery failure. Elcora graphite is stable in oxygen environments to approximately 800°C and in inert environments to almost 3000°C.

The refining process can be customized to meet client specifications and the process is not specifically tied to an individual graphite deposit. The company has developed techniques to separate graphite from most known host rocks to grades in excess of 99% while maintaining crystal integrity. We have also developed a novel technology to reduce the size of the graphite crystal in ways that preserve the flat crystal shape to specific sizes that can be as small as five micrometers. Alternatively, the graphite can be processed into size specific balls, especially for use in the battery industry. View Videos

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The Company’s first graphite processing plant is located near the Ragedara mine in Sri Lanka. This facility performs 4 refining activities: grinding, flotation, dewatering, and product load-out. The fully refined graphite has a purity of over 99% and size range between 5 microns to 1 millimeter.