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Graphite Powder

EL-I-C6 Graphite And Anode Powders

EL-I-C6 formulated advanced natural graphite anode powder

  • D50 23 μm
  • Spherical particles
  • Tap density >1.0 g/cm3
  • BET surface area 2-3 m2/g
  • Carbon (LOI) >99.995%
  • Calendar densities > 1.5 g/cm3
Graphene Layers

EL-2D Few Layer Graphene

Elcora has developed a unique cost effective process that produces graphene without the use of acids or oxides that is non-functionalized.

World leader in quality, determined by Centre for Advanced 2D Materials (CA2DM) Singapore.

Micro Graphite

EL-MG/5 Micro Graphite

Proprietary cost-effective methodology produces pristine morphology graphite flakes

  • Adjustable particle size 1-50 μm
  • Carbon(LOI) > 99.99%
  • No acids, oxidation or functionalization
  • Flat flakes for maximum expandability
Nano Platelets

EL-NP Graphite Nano-Platelets

Elcora has developed a unique low-cost effective process to make commercially scalable graphite nanomaterials ranging from micro-graphite to graphene.  

These are made of short stacks of graphene sheets