About Elcora Advanced Materials

Founded in 2011, Elcora is a vertically integrated graphite & graphene company. The company mines, processes, refines graphite, and targets high-end graphite markets including li-ion batteries and graphene R&D. The company is publically traded on major North American and European stock exchanges (OTCQB: ECORF|TSX-V: ERA|FRANKFURT: ELM).

As part of the vertical integration strategy, Elcora has secured, as an Elcora mine, the premier graphene precursor graphite in the Ragedara mine in Sri Lanka and is finalizing mining or processing rights to other premium locations. Elcora has developed processes to refine graphite with much higher yield of graphene. This process can be used with a wide variety of graphite sources, therefore does not limit the raw material used.  Elcora personnel have also developed a unique low cost effective process to make graphene that is commercially scalable. The Elcora team is now composed of the best process, research and development people both in graphite and graphene. The combination between the mines and processes with some of the best minds in the world concerning graphene applications means that Elcora has the tools and resources for graphene vertical integration.

Elcora has placed the graphene production within the Graphene Corp.

graphene testing

Elcora’s graphene showed the best qualities among all samples tested.

Elcora Graphite and Graphene Testing

“We are motivated and excited to see our material adopted and utilized in many advanced technology applications.”

troy grant

ceo & director

Elcora’s Team

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